What We Offer

The Loyaal team is both dedicated and committed to providing highest level of service to all of our clients.

We Deliver

No matter what, no questions asked, we’re here to provide you with results. Hands down, that’s our primary focus.

Friendly Support

We’re well aware that each client will always have different levels of expectations and goals that they’ll ultimately wish to achieve.


Our Team


The Loyaal team is both dedicated and committed to providing highest level of service to all of our clients. Whether this entails striving to provide the utmost quality and targeted traffic for our advertisers or just going above and beyond what’s considered normal in helping our Publishers, we always do what it takes. Always.

Thanks to our vast array of tools, resources and years upon years of knowledge fueling us, we can further focus on what’s most important to us as a company: a consistent, continued level of the highest customer service imaginable.

Many networks like to claim that they can provide the best services and results to their advertisers and Publishers, but many never truly back up what they say. Our expertise in the technical realm combined with our extensive knowledge of affiliate marketing help make it easy for us to achieve favorable results for our clients. It also helps make it easier for us to focus on what matters – which is whatever necessary at any given moment for our advertisers and Publishers. In short, not only do we talk the talk, we also walk the walk. And you’re always right there, walking along with us!

A rarity for affiliate networks, we fully understand both sides of the fence thanks to our diverse, knowledgeable and – perhaps most importantly — passionate team. Our primary objective is to work closely with each one of our clients, building a personal relationship of trust and openness existing on both sides. Ultimately, this helps us all achieve our one common goal: prolonged long-term success.


What We Offer

Client Satisfaction

No matter what, no questions asked, we’re here to provide you with results. Hands down, that’s our primary focus. At the end of the day, when it’s all said and done, we want you to not only feel satisfied with the results you’ve achieved with the Loyaal affiliate network, we want you to feel like you’ve been taken care of and were appreciated. After all, our clients deserve nothing but the best!

Dedicated Management

We’re well aware that each client will always have different levels of expectations and goals that they’ll ultimately wish to achieve. We work very closely with each and every client on a case-by-case basis to ensure that their goals are being achieved. We’re also completely dedicated and driven to provide you with the best possible results possible and will stop at nothing to make this happen each and every day. Indeed, it’s something we’ve become quite good at, not to toot our own horn or anything… (Toot, Toot!)


We Deliver


We totally understand that Publishers frequently work in close niches and as such, campaign selection is of the utmost importance. Our goal here is to have a massively wide array of varying offers available to our Publishers at all times. Should our Publishers be interested in a specific niche or offer type, then all that would need to happen is that they let us know. Yes, seriously! We’ll then do everything in our power to accommodate these — and any other types of — requests that we receive from all of our Publishers.

Backend Logic

On the advertiser’s side of the fence, we employ a precise, accurate CPA network tracking system. We also possess many different tools – advanced tools, mind you — scripts, programs and vast mountains of resources which ultimately enable us to closely monitor all of our traffic quickly and easily. We not only assess the quality of this traffic, but also the volume and trends as well, fully analyzing this data methodically in order to help ensure our campaigns are in-line with our advertisers best interests. Not only will you receive short-term results, but also longevity for all your campaigns as well. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


Publisher FAQ

What is Loyaal?

"LoyaalCPA is a affiliate network."

Does Loyaal accept newbies?

"Yes, Loyaal accept All kind publishers having quality traffic worldwide."

Does Loyaal accept adult websites?

"Yes Loyaal adnetwork accept adult websites"

I have no referral, Can i apply Loyaal?

"Yes, We accept fresh publishers."

Does Loyaal accept international publishers?

"Yes, Loyaal accept publisher around the globe."

What payment method you offer?

"We offer PayPal, WIRE, Cheque"

What about weekly payments?

"We don't offer weekly less than 500 USD each week."

When are publishers paid?

"Publishers are initially paid on a monthly net 5 basis. For example, publishers generating revenue in Feb will receive their payments on March 5th.We require a minimum balance of $100 before we issue a payment. If you don’t reach this level, your earnings will roll over to the subsequent pay period until you reach the minimum $10"

I have questions not listed here, How to get answered?

"You can contact us at Support@Loyalcpa.com or our Facebook and Twitter . We will be happy to help you"

Let Us Get It Started " LOYALCPA "


We at Loyaal believe in offering you the best for your money, thats why you only pay on performance! So if no conversions are delivered, you don’t pay a penny. Simply choose how much you want to pay affiliates per conversion (per sale, lead etc).

The best technology packed with useful, market-leading features, the best support by people who passionately believe in helping you fulfill your sales and marketing objectives, and, of course, the best affiliates.


With over eight years combined experience in affiliate marketing, Loyaal know how to improve the return on your marketing spend and increase your sales/leads. We understand the power of leverage.

Call us now on +91 8115 911 000 or Email Us to contact us and start to harness the full power of our affiliate base.


Our Fees

Set Up Fee:



Monthly Fee:


Minimum deposit- $500


What is Loyaal?

LoyaalCPA is a affiliate network.

You can contact us at Support@Loyalcpa.com or Skype Support@Loyalcpa.com ,our Facebook and Twitter . We will be happy to help you


WHY JOIN Loyaal?

High Payouts

Unique Tools

Reliable Tracking

Great Incentives

Over 250 Offers to Promote

Fast Payments

View Stats on Your Mobile



Loyaal is an international adnetwork. We have a huge range of top performing CPA and CPL offers with the highest payouts and exclusive offers for your traffic.

Joining Royalrevenue, is 100% free. Sign up today and start promoting our offers on your website. All you have to earn is $10 to be paid. You can choose to be paid by Bank Transfer, Cheque, PayPal or Payoneer. Our networks main focus are competition, survey, gambling, finance and mobile offers.

When you join Royalrevenue, you are partnering with a trusted 3rd party, dedicated to your success. Whether you’re looking for brand name sponsors that will add value and credibility to your website or high-converting offers to fill up your growing ad inventory, your experience with Loyaal will be top-quality.

As an affiliate of Royalrevenue, you can get unique links, banner ads, email creatives and other types of media. You can track your revenue in real time. You can locate our network’s top offers and optimize them by taking advantage of our intuitive system and outstanding affiliate management support. We go above and beyond the level of service that you’ve experienced with other networks and know that you will enjoy partnering with us as we work together to help grow your business.


Contact Us

LoyaalCPA avenue


6650 Prue Rd

San Antonio, TX 78240

Email- support@loyalcpa.com

skype- support@loyalcpa.com
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